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A new, digital space for the Guelph-Wellington Arts Community

We realize that our current site has fallen short in many areas, from accessibility to user-experience. What’s more, the ongoing pandemic has accelerated the need for a new digital strategy. With the world having shifted to a virtual environment, new challenges have emerged for everyone, no matter their background. At Guelph Arts Council, we understand in particular how artists and the broader arts community have been impacted.

The Guelph Arts Hub project seeks to address these issues. It will replace the current website with an accessible, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly site. It will be a digital space for the arts community to come together.

For Artists

The website will act as a platform for artists to sell their work, promote their content, increase traffic to their websites, and so forth. It will provide a database of resources offered by organizations throughout the community, from job opportunities to information on professional development, and so much more. It will also allow users to connect with other artists and members of the arts community through forums. 

For Organizations

The website will facilitate a stronger link between artists and organizations. It will allow artists to discover organizations in the community who have the resources they are in need of. Organizations will play a key role in bringing the Hub to life by providing a variety of content, from articles to videos and beyond. As an organizational member with GAC, you will be listed under the resource directory, and be able to publish content. Since we do not expect most organizations to be actively posting content, we are looking for content partners. See below to learn more about becoming a content partner. 

For the Community

Our vision is to help the arts thrive in a virtual environment. The key to this will be increased engagement between the artist, and the community as an audience. Whether they are searching for performances to view, or wanting to purchase local artwork, the Guelph Arts Hub will be a space for anyone to better engage with what the arts community has to offer.


Organizations: Become a Content Partner

We know from surveys that artists are looking for a variety of different resources, of which GAC can only cover a small fraction on its own. Through partnering with a diversity of organizations we can achieve our goal of having a central destination for artists to find the resources they are looking for. Are you an organization looking to increase its clientele and build connections? Please read further.

The site will feature a database of different resources provided by organizations throughout the community. Artists can search through this catalogue and find content created by GAC, content created by partners, and the profiles of different organizations who can provide what they are in need of. The Guelph Arts Hub will be a link between artists and your organization.

If you are able to create and provide us with content to publish on our site- such as written articles, videos, and so forth- we would love to connect and discuss a plan.

If you have limited capacity and cannot create content directly for the site, you can still play a role by having a profile, being listed under resources, and having your events published on the calendar. Any material you have already created such as video tutorials or written guides can also be published directly to the Hub.

We encourage all organizations interested in engaging with their community and growing their audience to register as a content partner. For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Find the application below:

2020 DIYPotatoeStampMaking CalebBray Bumaroo
Otherwise Studios will be supporting the Guelph Arts Hub as a content partner. We are looking for organizations who can publish content regularly!


Submit to our Photo Library!

When it comes to how the website will look, our goal is to showcase community artwork and integrate it as part of the visual design. Are you interested in having your artwork or photos become part of the Guelph Arts Hub? Follow the link below to submit photos:




We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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