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Framing Histories

The relationship between an object (be it an artwork, artifact, photograph, or document) and its frame directly impacts our understanding of its meaning. Although viewers typically look ‘through’ the frame when analyzing an object, it is important to consider the frame as an artifact with its own history. An object’s ‘first’ frame is often understood as the ‘original’ frame, which is assumed to have been made in the same period as the object held within it. In this case, the frame upholds the historical meaning and contributes to the value of the framed object. However, the frame could have been assigned to the object under a number of circumstances. The sculpturally carved and gilded frames on display here represent a shift in function and form – from a perfunctory hanging device to a highly aesthetic framing device – that influences the meaning of the object and reflects the preference of the collector, as well as decor trends of the day.

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Event Date 12-14-2018
Individual PriceFree
Guelph Civic Museum
52 Norfolk St, Guelph, ON N1H 4H8, Canada
Guelph Civic Museum
Categories Art Exhibitions and Sales
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