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GAC Historical Walking Tour V: Brooklyn and the College Hill

Participants will be taken to the south side of the Speed River to explore one of Guelph's early industrial sections, formerly known as Brooklyn, as well as the College Hill area that developed around the Ontario Agricultural College. The tour includes some of the city's best examples of masonry and stone carving.

Event Date 09-29-2019 2:00 pm
Individual Price $5.00
Categories Heritage
We Remember Beaded Poppy Workshop with Naomi Smith Two-day workshop: Saturday, October 5 to Sunday, October 6 Create an embossed beaded poppy pin or pendant. This two-day workshop offers traditional teachings and an introduction to Indigenous raised beading techniques and working with deer hide. All are welcome. Comfort with hand sewing is an asset. Participants should bring a basic sewing kit including beading mat, small flat nose pliers, small scissors, thimble, and magnifier. Material kits will be $45 payable in cash the first day of the workshop Kit Contents: Velvet foundation for beaded design, pattern or paper template, pin back, deer hide backing, written directions and materials list, thread (Nymo D), short size 11 beading needles or sharps. All seed beads required to complete the project. About the Instructor: Naomi is an Indigenous Artisan and Educator from the Great Lakes Region. She is actively involved in educating others about the ways of her people of the Woodlands and Northeastern area. She shares both a historical and contemporary perspective, told through the story of beads. For over 25 years Naomi has designed and created traditional Beadwork, Leathercraft, Moose Hair Embroidery, Quill work, Birch bark and Sweet Grass basket-making and adornment, always valuing these Sacred materials throughout her creative process. “Honouring our traditions is my voice within and beyond my Culture and Community. There is no word for “art” in Native languages yet artistry and visual expression are critical in defining who we are as Indigenous people. It is this path I wish to exemplify through my teachings and my work.”
Event Date 10-05-2019 9:00 am
Individual Price $95 + HST, Plus materials fee. Register in advance at guelphmuseums.ca
Categories Workshops, Courses, Camps,Heritage,Visual Art
GAC Historical Walking Tour VI: Ward One Guelph

This tour of the area southeast of the downtown, between the Speed and Eramosa Rivers, reveals the rich variety of historic architecture and the diversity of peoples who formed Guelph. Particular attention is devoted to residential/industrial proximity and the city's early Italian community.

Event Date 10-06-2019 2:00 pm
Individual Price $5.00
Categories Heritage
Illuminate Your Writing with Rob O’Flanagan Inspired by John McCrae’s writings and sketches, practice the longstanding tradition of combining writing and visual art into evocative, thought-provoking tributes during this fun, exploratory workshop. Write, sketch, and leave with a keepsake or two. All experience levels welcome.
Event Date 10-20-2019 10:00 am
Individual Price Tickets in advance at guelphmuseums.ca
Categories Workshops, Courses, Camps,Heritage,Visual Art
In Conversation: Eugenics Retold A conversation among rights activists Mona Stonefish, Peter Park, Dolleen Tisawii’ashii Manning, Evadne Kelly, Seika Boye and Sky Stonefish, who work to prevent institutional brutality, colonialism, ableism, and social injustice. American Sign Language: There will be ASL interpreters present. The interpreters will be wearing a badge that says “ASL Interpreter.” There will also be CART Live Captioning. About Into the Light Eugenics was a practice aimed at improving the characteristics of the human race by promoting “favourable” qualities. It also tried to prevent people with “unfavourable” qualities from procreating. This exhibition brings southern Ontario’s hidden history of eugenics to light. Through stories of survival, it reveals that eugenics meant to “better” humankind. Yet, it has left a legacy of segregation, cultural assimilation, and sterilization that continues today. Co-curated by Mona Stonefish, Peter Park, Dolleen Tisawii’ashii Manning, Evadne Kelly, Seika Boye and Sky Stonefish. In partnership with Re•Vision: The Centre for Art and Social Justice through the research project Bodies in Translation: Activist Art, Technology, and Access to Life.
Event Date 10-26-2019 2:00 pm
Individual Price General admission, $6.00.
Categories Art Exhibitions and Sales,Heritage
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