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Earth Tones Studios Workshop - Frame Drum or Ocean Drum

Saturday, January 12, Sunday, January 13

1 pm – 5 pm (or when finished)

Your choice of the following instruments

18” Frame Drum

The frame drum is one of the most ancient musical instruments; it is thought to be the first drum to be invented. A frame drum is a drum that has a drumhead width greater than its depth. Usually the single drumhead is made of rawhide .

In this 6 hour workshop (2 x 3 hour sessions) you will assemble a Native American style frame drum including a beater.  After drilling, sanding and finishing the yellow cedar drum hoop, a goat skin will be glued on.  After drying overnight you will attach a rawhide laced handle and make a beater.  Length:  2 x 3 hrs     Cost:   $175.00

16” Ocean Drum

The ocean drum is a percussion instrument that can produce soothing sounds which sound just like the ocean.. The ocean drum is held by the frame, with the heads horizontal, and played by rolling the wrists so the drum gently tilts in all directions. The metal beads inside roll over the bottom head like water rolling over the shore. Different speeds produce different sounds. Stopping and starting suddenly creates crashing wave sounds.

 In this 6 hour workshop, you will make an Ocean Drum and Beater.   First day - sanding and preparing 16" frame drum shell and gluing on goat skins.  Second day - removing clamps, sanding, gluing on trim and assembling a beater.   Length:  2 x 3 hrs.  Cost:  $175.00  

Make sure to register for the workshop (including payment) in advance to ensure materials will be collected and assigned to you for your drum building experience on the day of the workshop.


Limited spaces available. Workshop location:

Earth Tones Studio

123 Woolwich street, 1st Floor, Guelph


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Event Date 01-12-2019 1:00 pm
Individual Price $175.00
Earth Tones Studios
123 Woolwich St
Earth Tones Studios
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