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Garth's 4-Week Gouache Painting Class

Garth's 4-Week Gouache Painting Class The word gouache is over 600 years old! The word gouache came from the Italian word guazzo, which is Italian for "mud", and was originally a term applied to the early 16th century practice of applying oil paint over a tempera base, which could give a matted effect. Gouache became very popular for its opaque characteristics, versus watercolour which is more translucent. While most of my work with gouache has involved imaginative stories, we will be working from still lifes, which is one of the best practices in developing proficiency with a medium as it challenges us to see the highlights and shadows, colours (both brightness and saturation), and composition on the page. However, in my class, we’ll be primarily using watered down gouache in a layering process which is similar to the way the famous Comic Painter, Alex Ross, uses it. I’m very excited to be teaching this class on such a great painting medium, and I’m looking forward to seeing what art you can create with it! Early bird cost is $230 + HST before March 31st, after this date it will be $280 + HST.

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Event Date 04-11-2019 6:30 pm
Individual PriceFree
20 Chester Street
Categories Workshops, Courses, Camps,Visual Art
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