Each year, GAC Artist Members are invited to submit expressions of interest for solo or group exhibitions in the main floor gallery space at 10C Shared Space, GAC’s home at 42 Carden. 

In 2022, GAC presents:

  • Paige Quinn July 18 – 28
  • Maria Melito August 1 – 12
  • Madeleine Lychek August 16-30

Stay tuned to our event calendar, e-news and socials for details on related videos, talks, and receptions, and watch for our 2022 call to artists in the spring.

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Interested in exhibiting your work at 10C in other months or in other spaces? Contact [email protected]

‘Stretched in the Sun’ – Paige Quinn

Exhibition at 10C Shared Art space in the ground floor reception area at 42 Carden St. in Guelph, opposite City Hall. 

‘Stretched to the Sun’ with run July 18th through to July 28th (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm). Don’t forget to stop by Thursday July 28th for the closing reception (5pm to 7pm).

Paige Quinn is a Guelph-based multidisciplinary artist. Her artwork explores ideas of reuniting and reconnecting to nature through relationships and bodily transformation.  She has recently completed an artist residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point, and has been working on her artwork in her studio in Guelph.

Stretched in the Sun is a reflection on personal connection to the earth. Paige explores the relationship between figuration and abstraction, exposing the under layers of her paintings in a way which invites chance into the artworks. The figures in her paintings are caught in the act of transformation and spiritual catharsis as they move and blend with their background in a process to become closer spiritually with the unknown.

Check out Paige Quinn’s website and Instagram!

Glass Walls: An Animal’s Experience – Maria Melito

‘Glass Walls: An Animal’s Experince’ with run August 1st through to August 12th (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm). Don’t forget to stop by Tuesday August 2nd for the opening reception (5pm to 7pm).

Maria Melito is an Rockwood-based animal rights artist. She grew up on a farm, which from a young age instilled in her a love for animals and a passion for animal rights activism. Through painting and drawing, she aims to give a voice to the voiceless and shed light on the devastating reality for animals on this planet. She completed her Studio Art studies at the University of Guelph in 2019 and has been working out of her studio in Rockwood.

The exhibition is a collection of works Maria has produced during her investigation of the relationship between humans and animals in the 21st century. She uses confrontational and explicit imagery to explore topics such as animal endangerment, deforestation, animal agriculture, and more. Through her body of work, she hopes to start difficult conversations about morals and how each of our actions are impacting the Earth. 

Check out Maria Melito’s website and Instagram!

‘These Fucking Machines’ Madeleine Lychek

‘These Fucking Machines’ with run August 16th through to August 30th (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm). More info about reception dates to follow.

‘These Fucking Machines’ is a an exhibition by Madeleine Lychek concerned with consumption and visibility. In this show a series of text to image AI generated work created using hotpot.ai software will be displayed. These uncanny images depict scenes of sex acts and sapphic love, highlighting the learned biases of AI software particularly its default to whiteness.

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