By Elly Grant, Temporary Collection Exhibition Manager & Curator

To love art is to invest in it, and most importantly, the artists behind it. 

Whether you practice, appreciate, or collect art, Temporary Collection is a unique model for art sales that pays it forward to artists, while adding to personal art collections near and far. 

The collection returns to Guelph this May 13 – 15 and aims to support artists financially by purchasing, promoting, and distributing their work. 

To view the artworks, ticket holders receive a 15-minute virtual tour of Ed Video’s art vault. At the end of each time slot, visitors select one artwork to keep and add to their own art collections. 

Tickets are structured so that the most expensive gives buyers first glance at the available artworks to choose one to take home. Tickets range in price from $15 – $2000, and are available starting April 27 at noon EDT until May 8 at 11:59 pm EDT. 

100% of ticket sales go towards financially supporting artists in the future through Ed Video Media Art Centre’s  programming. 

This year’s collection features more than 80 artworks bought directly from over 60 artists from across Canada. The collection will be de-accessed to ticket holders over the course of three days, and available artworks will be updated live on the website during the exhibition. 

If you’re an art lover, collector, or both, make sure to support artists by buying a ticket(s)  and speculate on the 2022 collection via the  website:

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