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Canan Altinkas

I live in Guleph. My art is abstract but inspired by ordinary objects surrounding my environment. I have been a professional artist for almo ...

Canadian Vintage

Canadian Vintage features handmade home and personal accessories inspired by my childhood growing up across Canada. Upcoming Shows: Gu ...

Leslie Miles

Whether battling the elements on location or working in the quiet of my studio I keep in mind elements of design as I compose the subject an ...

Emily Vander Vlugt

Emily Victoria is a Guelph native and local artist who is known for her exploration of metals, ink & their relationship to other mediums, cr ...

Gabrielle St. George

My large, abstract paintings reflect all that I am and will ever be. Every aspect of my life: Farmer, Artist, Writer, Mother of four, Enviro ...

Susan Powell

Sue paints pure, watercolour landscapes. Her watercolour landscapes capture the rolling rhythms and changing light upon Ontario’s most beaut ...

Susan Lapp

Fine artist, flautist, pianist and composer, Susan’s lifelong inspirations stem from the untamed lands of Canada. Born and raised in Montre ...

Cynthia Moon

This new member will be sharing their information soon!

Tim May

this artist has recently joined and will update their profile soon...

A Wandering Imagination

Krista Jones works primarily in acrylic paints, favouring a dynamic geometrical approach to capturing wildlife. She graduated from the Univ ...

Nathan Gatten

More info coming soon...

Cindy Dochstader

I’m a portrait artist living just outside of Guelph, Ontario. Using primarily acrylic and graphite, I create works that have a strong focus ...

Katie Wilde

"Whether painting odd plants and imagined landscapes or sculpting an oddity, I aim for the mysterious yet discoverable, with the intention o ...

Royal City Studios

Royal City Studios is a music rehearsal, recording, and events venue situated in the north-west corner of Guelph. We provide a worry-free, ...

Margaret Peter Prints

Margaret combines texture and colour to convey her impression of surfaces in her prints and paintings. Her landscapes reflect her love of bi ...

Heather Nagel

Heather Nagel is a fibre artist on a journey of boundless, joyful discovery. Working with an array of fibre Heather uses the felting techn ...

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