Arboretum Press

Arboretum Press is a collective press begun in 2018, focusing on genre and niche fiction and non-fiction. Run on a skill-sharing basis, the ...

Aimee Copping

Aimee Copping is the Executive Director founder of Blackball. Now in its fifth year of operation, Blackball delivers free electronic musi ...

Atelier of Laura Lee Moreland

I teach a 12 week skill based program, I am very flexible* for time. This Classical Instruction course is $375. This includes 24- 36 hours ...

Category:Arts Education
Heather Warren

Heather is a writer, visual artist & editor based in Guelph, ON. In 2015, she wrote & self-published her first children's book, The Stellar ...

Fern Cooper

In 2012, I started creating art with a group called Social Connections. During this time I developed a process called "Line Art." Today my w ...


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