Artists...Let Your Lights Shine

By Marina L. Reed and Marian Grace Boyd

Fear has a great ability to dwarf our spirits, especially our creative spirits.  And yet it is precisely at these times, when fear abounds, that artists are needed by all.  Artists have always shown us the way through dark times, into the light. Artists create and that alone is a powerful message and reminder to all.  As an artist, I was initially buried in the avalanche of media information and isolation.  But then I remembered a key teaching of  Thich Nhat Hanh; we must be cautious about what we feed our souls. And so I turned off the TV, stopped listening to news on the radio and was selective in what I read on social media.  And slowly, I could hear my artistic voice again.  I began to paint, to express the pain and hope through my art; I began to write, to help others make sense of our situation and myself in the process.  We are making music to soothe our souls.  We need our artists. They are finding ways to give concerts on different platforms, perform on Instagram, write us stories we can find links to, see art on Facebook.  They are finding ways to engage and comfort our souls and it is truly breathtaking and marvelous. And in these times when grief is knocking at every door in some way, we need comfort, breathtaking moments and light.

Promise Marian small   Shimmer small
Promise, painting. By Marina L.Reed                                 Shimmer, mixed media. By Marian Grace Boyd.

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Local author makes list for national humour prize for her ‘eavesdropping’ stories

By Jane Litchfield

Guelph author Marion Reidel has made the long-list for the national Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour for her second book, Café Conversations, published by One Thousand Trees. It was one of 11 books chosen in April from 85 submissions. A retired high school teacher, Reidel is also a spoken word artist. We checked in with her by email.

Marion Reidel by Trina Koster
Guelph Author Marion Reidel. Photo Credit Trina Koster

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Let’s Keep this: Placemaking, Sharing and Open Collaboration

By Julia Grady, Executive Director 10C

10C is Guelph’s community innovation hub, with 200+ members and thousands of citizens involved in socially engaged changemaking activities per year. As COVID-19 and its impact on Canada and Guelph went from 0-60, our placemaking project experienced contrasting realities. On Wednesday, March 11, 10C was a buzzing hub of activity, with upwards of 300 people on site throughout the day/evening, engaged in a variety of work and civic action. Values platforms were recognized and extended. Food was abundant and shared. Community knowledge lept from thoughtful speakers. There was a wealth of optimism and change in the air.

10C Exterior
10C Shared Space patio on Carden Street in the summer, alive with urban food growing

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The Waverlys - Monthly Music Member Video

Each month we’ll feature a video from one of GAC’s musical members. If you’re a musician and have a video you’d like us to feature, please send a YouTube link our way along with a short bio.

This month, we share one from The Waverlys. Half of this duo is Guelph’s Charlotte Moore, whom people may also know as one of the founders and organizers of Holy Smokes Music Festival that was held in Guelph in 2018 and 2019. The song in today’s video strays from the “guitar, cello, and vintage suitcase” described below, showing versatility from the duo while continuing to deliver powerful lyrics. As a bit of bonus local flavour, this video was made by Guelph artist Garth Laidlaw.

The Waverlys
The Waverlys are an Alternative-Folk duo composed of cellist, vocalist and Guelph native, Charlotte Moore and Toronto based singer/songwriter Kevin Myles Wilson. The two met while playing in the Folk band Wool and Howl in 2016 and slowly began working on a new project that would soon become The Waverlys. With minimal instrumentation; a guitar, a cello and a vintage suitcase transformed in to a kickdrum, The Waverlys, led by smooth, sincere and haunting vocals, tell timeless tales of love, loss and rebellion with a feminist twist. Their first EP is called “Good Girl” and was released in 2018.

Visit The Waverlys on Bandcamp to purchase their Good Girl EP. During the current pandemic, Bandcamp has announced that they will be forgoing their share of artist sales on the first Friday of May (1st tomorrow!), June (5th) and July (3rd), so you will be further supporting the artists with your purchases on these days.

Without further ado, the title track from The Waverlys EP, “Good Girl”


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