Application Deadline: May 23rd, 2023, at midnight.
Application Submission Deadline: May 23rd, 2023, at midnight.
Project Description: Five artists will create a series of small murals on a sidewalk in downtown Milton. (Two
small murals per artist). The murals will focus on positive and inclusive messages to help combat racism and
Project Location: Milton, ON
Artist(s) Fees: $ 1700 for painting 2 murals (approximately 5 ft/6ft each) in downtown Milton at Hugh Lane; for
participation in a gallery exhibition; and for participation in a public panel discussion about the themes of the
art. There is also the potential of doing art workshops at local schools, for additional compensation.

Arts Milton is calling for interested artists to be part of a public art project supported by the Anti-Racism Anti-
Hate grant program of the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism. The goal of this project is to

use art to communicate positive and inclusive messages throughout Milton to help combat racism and hate.
The theme for this project is: “Exclusively Inclusive: Using Art to Rethink Us vs Them”.
Five artists will be chosen to create art (murals each) dealing with themes such as inclusion, diversity, equity,
anti-racism, and anti-hate. The artists will paint the murals at Hugh Lane in Milton, once their proposed
images are approved. The murals will be approx. 5 feet by 6 feet each. It is anticipated that the outdoor mural
painting will be done during July/August.
All artists legally able to work in Canada are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to artists who live or work in
Milton and who belong to groups that often experience racism or hate, including artists who are Indigenous,
Black, members of a racial or religious minority group, 2SLGBTQIA+, women, or who have special needs or a
Selected artists will be asked to produce a plan for their murals, (approximately two weeks after being notified
of selection) and dates for the mural painting will then be coordinated in conversation with Arts Milton.

Artwork will be submitted to Arts Milton for approval prior to production. Arts Milton will be providing
supplies and materials for the murals.

Applicants should submit the following information to Diksha Pal Narayan, Program Coordinator, Arts Milton
[email protected] by midnight May 23rd, 2023:
I. Personal Information:
• Name(s), AKA (artist pseudonym)
• Contact information: Address, Phone, and Email address
• Website (if applicable)
• Social media links (if applicable)
• A short artist statement (150 words max.)
• A summary of the artist’s connection to Milton or Halton Region (if any)
• A summary of the artist’s background and experiences related to the topics of this project (diversity,
inclusion, equity, racism, hate). You can also speak of your passion for spreading inclusiveness in the
community (150 words max.)
II. Portfolio of up to 5 Images
We encourage you to showcase any of your past projects that demonstrate your ability to complete Murals/
projects of a similar size and scope and that involve the style you wish to use for the Arts Milton project.
Under each image, please list:
● Project Title
● Date completed
● Partnering organizations (if any)
● A short description of what you wanted to express with the painting.
III. Artist CV
Please include an up-to-date artist CV.
NOTE TO APPLICANTS: Please combine all parts of your application into one single PDF document, with the
subject line ‘your name_PROPOSAL’ to: Diksha Pal Narayan, Program Coordinator, Arts Milton
[email protected] by the deadline.

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