The City of Hamilton is seeking Artists and Artist-Led Teams to submit proposals for a permanent Public Art work(s) to be sited at Confederation Beach Park, 180 Van Wagners Beach Road, Hamilton Ontario, Ward (5). Artists are asked to propose artworks that will speak to the impact that AC electric power had and continues to have on Hamilton.

Artists will be selected by a citizen jury through a two-stage process involving a concept and design proposal, followed by public consultation on selected Artists’ detailed proposals.

Award $185,000

For design, fabrication and delivery to site. Short-listed Artists invited to complete a stage two submission will receive a $1500 honorarium

Submission Deadline

Thursday, January 19, 2023 at 3:00 PM (EST)

Artist Information Meeting

Tuesday, November 29 at 7 pm (EST)
Virtual video conference
Artists are invited to view a virtual presentation on the adjudication process and submission requirements. This is not a mandatory meeting.

RSVP before November 28 to [email protected] for virtual meeting details.

Submitting Proposals

Hard copy submissions will not be accepted

Submit Online Proposal

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