Quick Facts:

What does this program support? 

  • A wide range of artistic and professional development activities and expenses that help to further the careers of Indigenous aspiring and professional artists, curators, programmers, presenters and literary editors.

How much can you receive? 

  • Aspiring artists: $3,000
  • Professional artists: $15,000
  • Curators, programmers, presenters, literary editors: $10,000

Who can apply? 

  • Indigenous professional and aspiring artists
  • Indigenous professional curators, programmers, presenters and literary editors

When are applications due? 

  • Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until January 27, 2022, at 1 p.m. ET.  
  • The application form is available in Nova.
  • You will find out whether you got a grant in March 2022.

Click here for a preview of the application questions.
When can funded activities take place? 

The activity for which you are requesting funding:

  • cannot start before December 10, 2021
  • must be completed by March 15, 2023

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