Application Deadline: Mar 13, 2023
Start Date: Feb 13, 2023

Salary From: 100K To 120K
Province: Ontario
Region: Metro Toronto Area
City: Toronto
Employee Benefits: N/A
Organization’s Field/Discipline: The Arts
Job’s focus: Creative & Administrative
Job Type: Contract
Career Level: Doesn’t apply

Organization Description

Historica Canada

Historica Canada is the largest charitable organization dedicated to Canadian history, identity and citizenship. Its mandate is to build active and informed citizens through greater knowledge and appreciation of the history, heritage and stories of Canada.Some of its signature programs include: the Heritage Minutes, The Canadian Encyclopedia, the Memory Project, and Encounters with Canada.

Job Description


Historica Canada’s Heritage Minute collection contains more than 100 one-minute shorts about key moments and figures in Canadian History. More than 25 years since the first Heritage Minute premiered, these spots have become an enduring part of popular culture in Canada. Historica Canada has released 23 new Heritage Minutes since the project was re-launched in 2012, including: Tom Longboat, Chloe Cooley, The Discovery of Insulin, Acadian Deportation, D-Day, Vancouver Asahi, Jim Egan, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and Kensington Market.


The organization seeks to create engaging new Heritage Minutes that resonate with the brand and legacy of the celebrated collection while offering a fresh vision to capture new audiences.

This new vision might include period dramatizations such as those seen in the established Heritage Minutes, as well as new visual treatments including innovative re-enactments, animation (2D and 3D) and CGI, and/or documentary formats.

Historica Canada will work with historians and consultants, who will provide consultation on script development and production. All aspects of the concept, script, casting, creative direction, and production, however, will be required to meet with the final approval of Historica Canada. This is a collaborative process. Historica Canada will be regularly engaged throughout the production process. Each team should have a writer with credits, who will develop the script.

The selected team will be provided a project treatment written by Historica Canada on the approved 2023 treatment.

The Minute will be made available in English and French.


*Note: This is an estimated timeline for the production of ONE Heritage Minute. However, please note that in our experience, the general life cycle of a Heritage Minute production from start to finish ranges from between 6 months to a year, depending on the topic and scale of the project.

February 13, 2023: RFP opens

March 13, 2023: RFP closes

Early April 2023: Teams selected for interviews will be contacted

Mid-April 2023: Top teams interviewed

Late April or Early May: Contract awarded

May 2023 – July 2023: Internal scripting development; consultation with selected teams, historians, and cultural experts

August – September 2023: Production Phase – execute shoots for new Minute

October – December 2023: Post-production Phase – complete all edits, team to deliver the final product


The maximum budget, before taxes, is $170,000 for the Heritage Minute.
Your budget should take into account:

– English and French versions for each Minute (language dubbing is required; subtitles are not sufficient)

– ACTRA fees, as per the Heritage Minute agreement (Session fees as per the current Independent Production Agreement, plus an additional 60% of each performer’s net fees for broadcast and new media rights in perpetuity)

– UDA fees, as per the Heritage Minute agreement* (Session fees multiplied by 2.5 times to guarantee full broadcast and new media rights in perpetuity. *Applicable only if the on-screen dialogue is in French.)

– The possibility of high-profile performers who work above scale

– Crew, set design, costuming, and props

– Shooting at different locations, including possible crew travel

– Post-production including editing, music, voice-over narration, and visual effects/CGI

– Final broadcast-ready deliverables in both official languages

– Contingency

Please note, all admin/overhead costs should also be factored into the budget. The total should be $170,000 before taxes.

Please submit your budget using the Telefilm Canada top sheet template.


We are asking companies to submit a treatment on the life and career of professional football player Norman Kwong

Please note that it is highly likely that multiple companies will submit pitches referencing the same story related to the life and legacy of Norman Kwong. Companies will be evaluated separately from story pitches.


If you wish to submit a Heritage Minutes proposal to Historica Canada, please prepare a .pdf document that includes the following:

  1. Your creative team (including your planned producers, director, and DOP) o An executive summary of your company or team
  2. Full contact information for the applicant, including phone number and email address
  3. Links to reels of recent work for your company and proposed creative team
  4. Please include any potential scheduling conflicts and other big projects your team is taking on in the above timeframe
  5. A short, one-paragraph treatment on how you would approach the proposed topic (treatment can include your notes on narrative approach, artistic style, theme etc. NO scripts please)
  6. A mood board on how you would approach the proposed topic
  7. A draft budget following the aforementioned specifications using the Telefilm Canada Top Sheet

Please limit your proposal to a maximum of 10 pages, including appendices.


Selection will be based on the assessment of 4 aspects of submission:

Treatment Concept: Overall vision and appropriateness for the organization’s needs and brand will be considered; including any innovative elements in your proposed concept. Demonstrated research into the topic will be considered an asset.

Work Samples and References: Quality of your portfolio, such as: your experience with similar projects including client work; your flexibility pertaining to potential shifts in project scope or timelines; integrity; and your process for developing and carrying out the project in a timely manner. Please note that the production team or company should be available during regular working hours.

Budget: The budget must be submitted through the Telefilm Canada top sheet template and must be appropriate and reasonable to the project. Budget lines and the best estimate of pro bono work must be clearly defined in the proposal.

Community Relevance: Demonstrated involvement in the communities on which this series is focused. Historica Canada is committed to working with the communities depicted in each Heritage Minute. Interested production companies should ensure that Asian communities are represented on the creative team, including a minimum of one key creative (Director, Producer, DOP).

Competition is limited to Canadian companies and Canadian citizens only. All team members and performers must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Additional Info:

Historica Canada is a charitable organization that offers programs in both official languages that you can use to explore, learn, reflect on our history, and consider what it means to be Canadian.

Information about the organization and programs may be found at All of the Heritage Minutes may be found here.

How to Apply:

An electronic copy of the proposal in .pdf format is due March 13, 2023 at 5 p.m. ET to [email protected] with the subject heading “Heritage Minutes RFP 2022–Norman Kwong- ‘YOUR COMPANY NAME’”.
Questions may be sent to [email protected]. No extensions will be granted. No phone calls please.

We regret that due to the high volume of applicants, we are unable to provide detailed feedback to unsuccessful candidates.

This is an open and competitive process. Proposals will be evaluated immediately thereafter. Historica Canada will select up to 5 proposals for follow-up interviews in person or by zoom in mid-April 2023.

Please note that the services performed by the selected production company in regard to the new Heritage Minute shall be for the exclusive benefit of Historica Canada. All work products generated as well as copyright for the Heritage Minutes shall belong to Historica Canada.

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