Volunteer applications for Hillside 2022 are now open!

The regular volunteer commitment is usually about 12 hours (distributed across the 3 days of the festival or across pre- and post-festival days), 18+ hours for crew chiefs, and 30+ hours for coordinators. Crew chiefs are usually experienced volunteers selected by Coordinators. Crew chiefs/Coordinators are responsible for scheduling all volunteers.

Returning volunteers also need to apply through the form because we are using a new database. Please make sure you have access to your résumé (or document with a short paragraph outlining your skills, interests, and experience) and signed consent forms (if applicable) before beginning.

The deadline to submit a volunteer application is May 31, 2022. Volunteers who apply after the established deadline may be considered for a placement, if a position becomes available.

Read more here.

Apply to be a Hillside 2022 volunteer!

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