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One-of-a-Kind | Acorn Diffuser | Felted 'Nut' | Acorn Top

By purchasing our acorn diffusers, you will be supporting the Woodland Cultural Centre's 'Save the Evidence' campaign.

The acorn is an auspicious symbol; the acorn is the seed for a future oak tree. With this in mind, we are hopeful that the 94 calls to action resulting from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report from 2015 will come into fruition and begin the healing process for all Indigenous people's across Turtle Island.

100% of proceeds will be donated to the campaign.

Handcrafted with a foraged acorn top and hand-felted 'acorn', this aromatherapy diffuser is great for hanging in your closet, in a window, on a tree, or on your rear-view mirror. Simply add 1 drop of your favourite essential oil or LJ Turtle blend to the felt ball and allow to soak in. Re-apply as needed.

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