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Approx. 2 x 5 inches | Handfelted aromatherapy diffuser ‘acorns’ | One-of-a-Kind

It has never been easier to experience the therapeutic effects of essential oils. Felt is the ‘secret’ to your diffuser acorn as it will ‘hold’ your aromatherapy and help you feel amazing throughout your day. Same design front & back.

• Aromatherapeutic | Gently diffuse your essential oils
• Convenient | Always have your aromatherapy with you when you need it
• Discrete | A beautiful & functional wellness tool

• Easy to switch your aromas
• Beautiful handcrafted design
• Ribbon allows you to hang wherever you please (e.g. closet, car, bedside lamp etc.)
• Made in Guelph, Ontario

Comes with:
• Instruction card

How it works:
• Add 1 drop of your favourite essential oil or aromatherapy blend to 1 felt ‘acorn’
• Allow to soak into felt
• Hang
• ‘Sniff’ test before adding a new drop

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