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"The creative adult is a child who survived"....

I am Guelph based freestyle artist who got art creativity inherited from my dad. Always much interested in drawing, colors, sketches since childhood and then it became my Hobby. I was making extra paintings along with my schoolwork but stopped drawing in between for pursuing my graduation and post- grad , just got busy with higher Science studies

Then I moved to Canada as international student, while going though 'new phase of life', new study, different stresses.
I again took my pencil and colors to create some uniqueness with water colors/sketch color paintings and sketches.
Whenever I am feeling stressed or low, feeling home sick, I just do drawing. It gives me happiness and feeling relax, stress free in minutes.
In Covid-19, just bought some Arcylic colors and canvas and started creating some beautiful Arcylic creations. Created some beautiful custom creations for my friends as well.

I love to learn new art styles, meeting different area artists and love to learn from their collaboration as well.
I want to go on more professional path of art to show more beautifully my inner art to the world.

"Just keeping my inner child alive through these colors". Thanks

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