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Jessica Spooner is a Guelph Ontario artist specializing in mixed media. She uses oil, colour, and temperature to serve and inspire others with her art. Jessica’s art gives voice, energy, and opportunities for reflection, on the many differing and diverse faces of the human condition.

For Jessica, painting is always a personal release and comfort. After a decade in corporate law and through hectic years as a partner in a small local gastropub, life led Jessica to the world of non-profits and advocacy.  There, as a queer woman and mother of three, herself an oft misunderstood fighter and survivor,  Jessica found the inspiration and courage to pursue her art professionally.  Jessica discovered the Milan Institute of Art while seeking hope and motivation as she struggled to recover from the debilitating aftermath of a high-risk childbirth and postpartum complications. Drawn to the Institute’s unique approach to exploration and mastery of modern visual art media,  Jessica dove heart and soul into an intensive year long program.

Encouraged by her coaches, fellow artists, and mentor,  Jessica challenges her own assumptions, honing her voice as she refines her techniques, relentlessly moving her visual arts passion and voice forward.  Jessica brings non-traditional, sometimes radical mixed media techniques into play with a combination of oil, inks, acrylics, spray paint and oil finishes in her completed works. Using layers of colour, light, and temperature energy to set up a sensory intersection between our awareness of external stimuli and our inner voices.

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