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Abby Nowakowski (she/her) and is a queer art facilitator and interdisciplinary artist who is driven by curiosity and community. Overtly passionate about the arts, she has been teaching, creating, and working hard to make the arts more accessible for almost a full decade now. With Ahmri Vandeborne, they run an inclusive art space in Guelph, Ontario called Otherwise Studios where they teach a wide range of mediums and run loads of art events centered around skill development and mess making.

In Abby’s artist practice she works through printmaking, illustration, and painting, and uses story-telling to tap into the human tendencies of failure and awkwardness. With one foot in the realm of happy-go-lucky cartoons and another facing her own experience with tough subject matters such as sexual violence and anxiety. Abby’s work is in constant exploration of what shame and confidence look like.


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