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Alia Synesthesia is a Siberian-Canadian trained operatic singer, score composer, multi-instrumentalist musician, and interactive/multi-media/interdisciplinary artist. Her music scores, video games, flyers and graphic artworks popped up all around Toronto in local projects, exhibitions and collaborations, as well as in international workshops and collaborations.

Alia is an ongoing collaborator and illustrator for the award-winning The NoSleep Podcast and a leader/creator of the silent horror film re-scoring project Horror & Opera that aims to pair early works of cinematic horror with intricately composed operatic soundtracks. She is also a solo musician, performer and a touring member of legendary industrial/darkwave band Attirion (UK). Since 2017, Alia travelled all over the world from Hawaii to New Zealand as a part of Attrition as well as with her solo supporting act Subterranea.

Alia is also a PhD in Digital Media, and a Software Developer/Creative Digital Media Developer by trade. She often combines her development and digital design skills with creative storytelling, creating and curating interactive projects and installations from spatial storytelling artifacts (Ghostroom, 2017) to video games (Catocalypis, 2020) to unusual website and app projects that accompany her music compositions (Horror & Opera).

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