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I started my career in visual art during the last year of post secondary at Fanshawe College, specializing in Interior Décor. When I completed and accepted my diploma, my career as a visual artist took off. In the beginning I explored many art forms and even more subjects finding the process of creativity very therapeutic and peaceful. As a person with a mental health diagnosis, painting and art making in general has always brought purpose and satisfaction to my life. As I mentioned before I've explored many artistic subjects basing my main practice in acrylic painting on canvas. Over the years my collection has developed and I am able to reflect on my progress and success. Through careful selection I have chosen to display my original available pieces and some of my previous work which has been sold. In 2014 I finished my first wall mural at a local church which then lead to more opportunities including both residential and commercialized clients. I have found it quite rewarding to tackle these larger projects, turning my clients ideas and requests to beautiful long lasting visuals. Over the past ten years I have had the privilege to display and sell my art in local art shows, events, cafes and galleries. In 2019 I had my first open house art gallery experience which I created an entire collection for based on the abstract works of Jackson Pollock. In conclusion I will say I couldn't imagine my life with no art. It is my entire passion and focus. Let me bring your unique ideas to life on canvas! I specialize in personalizing each individual request and this adds to my diverse body of work. Contact me for more details including prices and availability

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