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Sheffield, Ontario


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John Richer (b.1973) is an artist based in Sheffield, Ontario. His introduction to art began when he was a child, painting alongside his grandmother who was an artist. They would often walk the woods and fields on her farm, fascinated and inspired by the discoveries they encountered.

John holds a BA (English Lit.) from York University (1995) and a diploma in Graphic Design & Illustration (Hons.) from Mohawk College (1997).

Between 1997-2011 he pursued a career as a Graphic Designer with a number of companies, preparing and creating printed material for a wide variety of clientele.

In 2008, he and his family had the opportunity to purchase his grandparents’ farm where he spent much of his childhood growing up. John began small scale farming, rediscovering his connection with the land and transitioned back to creating fine art.

Energetically intense and emotive, Richer's oil paintings exude a sense of potent vibrancy beneath their realistic surface. His work has received numerous awards in exhibitions and can be found in various private collections throughout Southern Ontario.

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