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Sheffield, Ontario


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John Richer (b.1973) Sheffield, Ontario, was introduced to art at an early age by his grandmother. He spent most of his childhood exploring the woods, fields and streams on his grandparents’ small farm - a perfect place to awaken creative expression. At age 15 John broke his neck - an event causing him to reflect on life’s purpose from that point on.

After completing his Bachelor of Arts at York University, John earned an honours diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration at Mohawk College. He pursued a profession as a Graphic Designer for 15 years with various design and printing firms.

In 2008, he and his family had the opportunity to purchase his grandparents’ farm where he had spent so much of his childhood. His career in the graphics industry was ultimately not fulfilling his creative drive, so he grasped this opportunity to move back to his roots. John set about small scale farming, followed a more traditional lifestyle and began to develop a reconnection with the land.
By 2017 he made a resolution to commit to the practice of traditional fine art, employing the mediums of drawing, painting and most recently printmaking to channel his vision into unique modes of expression.

Energetically intense and emotive, John’s work exudes a sense of potent vibrancy beneath a realistic surface. He is influenced by the cyclical changes he sees within Nature and strives to capture and channel that same energy within his art.

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