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Suzanne is a self-taught artist from Guelph who paints with soft pastels.

At an early age she was exposed to the creative process while watching her father paint landscapes in oil and watercolour.

When life permitted, she followed her own path of artistic discovery through the mentorship, classes, and workshops held by many fine Guelph-based artists: Leslie Miles, Jessica Masters, Janette Hayhoe, Clive Lewis.

She has studied and been influenced by the works of Canadian artists such as Tom Thomson, Emily Carr, Clarence Gagnon, works by the Group of Seven, and The Beaver Hall group.

Inspired by her love of nature, her art focuses on the grandeur to be found in the Canadian landscape and our place in that natural world.

A lifetime spent in Muskoka, Georgian Bay, plus numerous visits to the Lake Superior region, has taught her about the fragility and the fleeting existence of this incredible land before “progress” alters or completely changes what once was there.

Her paintings provide vibrant glimpses into the history and the existence of this magical beauty.

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