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T. Shawn Johnson's art is known to explore themes surrounding Sense of Place, Character, Hidden Knowledge, Form of Symbols, Surreal Fantasy, Conceptual Architecture, and Sentient Nature.  His expressions are built in a variety of media, including 2d & 3d digital work ; virtual & augmented reality; 3d printing; 3d pen; laser cut wood/felt/acrylic/eva foam ; paper cutting, folding, and modelling;  calligraphy & illumination ; altered books ; collage ; clay sculpture and hand-building; and of course the many and varied tools involved in escape room sets.

After gaining a B.A. through University of Guelph's department of Music and Fine Art, he became active within the community since his arrival in 1987 through a variety of LGBTQ, social justice, environmental, artistic, historical, and gaming organizations.  He is particularly known for his work running Faery Fest's Enchanted Ground, a fantasy arts festival,  for it's lifespan from 2006-2015.

T. Shawn Johnson currently  works with his Partner at Fantescapes Escape Room, where his focus is on prop making and puzzle design.

His Virtual reality works have been displayed on the following platforms: Activeworlds, SecondLife, IMVU, Sansar, Altspace, and Mozilla Hubs, as well as a number of Defunct Platforms including Blaxxun, Adobe Atmosphere, Nuvera, and Friends Hangout.

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