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DIYode’s New Digs Could Be Your New Workspace

by Katie Wilde
all images courtesy of DIYode


DIYode is a Guelph-based collective dedicated to re-invigorating the DIY movement in our city. The organization recently made a big move, as they shifted their community makerspace from their long-time location on Wyndham St S, to a new space at 183 Dufferin Street. They currently have creative 'office' spaces available for rent in the new building.

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Former location on Wyndham St South (left), new location at 183 Dufferin St (right).

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Culture Days Kicks into Creative Gear

by Katie Wilde

Guelph, invite your family and friends to visit for the weekend of September 28-30, because your local creative community is offering a cultural smorgasbord to sample during this year’s Culture Days! All events are free to attend, but we encourage you to join, volunteer, or buy when you encounter something inspiring. 


Culture Days lineup 2018Over 30 events are already registered in Guelph - all are free to attend

Guelph artists, businesses and non-profit organizations are hosting a dazzling array of opportunities to try pottery, henna, sewing, and weaving; to make an instrument, mosaic, or good luck charm; to participate in a rhythm circle, an afrofuturist research lab, or a ukulele strum-along; to try paper marbling, take a walking tour (or three); to experience French story time, exhibitions, concerts, maker markets and so much more!

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Print guides will be available later in September, from locations around town including Guelph Arts Council, 42 Carden St.

Are you an artist, organization or informal group that would like to add to the Culture Days lineup? Make sure your event is registered live on the Culture Days website before noon on September 7, 2018, when the City of Guelph will take all live local listings from the Culture Days website in order to produce a print brochure.

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Young Change-Makers Hit the Ground Running

By Jane Litchfield

There’s a new group in Guelph for teens who are interested in arts and change making. “Artsy Activists” is a youth-led safe space and activist collective for teens of all backgrounds.

You may have heard about them from their recent “Keeping Families Together” event at Guelph’s Market Square. The group made posters and signs and invited community members to join them in a gathering to show solidarity with families who were separated after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

flyer imageImage courtesy of Artsy Activists.

GCVI students Sequoia Kim and Elise Kephart launched Artsy Activists in April with funding help from Guelph Arts Council’s Youth Opportunities Award. Their goal is to inspire and empower young people to make a difference through open discussions and working together on community initiatives.

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Dose of Art: Know Their Art, Know Their Heart

By Emily Hearn

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” 
― Leonardo da Vinci

I have heard many lament the disconnect that people feel amongst one another these days, especially as we suffer the social failures of ‘social’ media. I know you’ve heard this all before. Perhaps, like me, you’re tired of hearing about a problem and being offered very few solutions. I wouldn’t be so bold as to propose that I have a catch-all answer to the social and emotional disconnect that many of us feel, but I do have a few ideas. Allow me to pose just one to you today: art.

I believe (and I’m backed up by some pretty compelling evidence!) that engaging in art can  help us communicate with each other more effectively and build a strong, lasting understanding within our various relationships.

single yellow lines by charlie harrison 2017Single Yellow Lines, 2017, by Charlie Harrison as part of a Created Out of Mind research project.

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Showcase of Art on the Street 2018 Award Winners

By Katie Wilde

Summer may be halfway done, but we’re holding on to summer joy by extending our celebration of Art on the Street in a showcase of award-winners’ art.

Guelph Arts Council is fortunate to be located on the main floor of 10C Shared Space at 42 Carden Street – best known as the old Acker’s Furniture building. The first floor community gallery is open to the public 9-5, Monday to Friday, and hosts regularly changing exhibitions and displays.

From August 8 through 30, 2018, stop by to see work by the award-winning artists selected by a team of jurors at this year’s Art on the Street.

winners collage

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