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A. Your Public Member Directory Profile
1. Why?

2. How do I edit my profile?
3. What if I'm having trouble?

B. Your Events on the Calendar
1. What type of things go on the calendar?
2. How to I upload my events?
3. How can I make my event stand out?

C. Submit to the E-News

D. Consultation

E. Social Media Boost

F. Apply for an Award or Bursary

G. Get Featured on the Home Page

H. Reduced Fees to exhibit at Art on the Street

I. Reduced Fee or Free Workshops and Networking Opportunities


Don't forget to browse the Resources, Calls (for variety of creative people) and Cultural Job Opportunities pages too.


Renewing Your Membership

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A. Filling out your Member Directory Profile


1. Why?

Your profile images and description help us and the public find you, recommend you to community members who come asking, and prove to stakeholders and funders that Guelph is full of artists and creatives worth supporting. Check out other directory profiles here for examples:


2. How do I fill it out again?

 Here's a LINK to full written instructions for reference, and below is a demo video you can watch. If it doesn't play below, view it on YouTube at this link>

Quick reference Profile Instructions:
Our acceptable use policy is short, unsurprising, and written in plain English, but by using your profile you agree to it so please have a quick look.

1. Log in with the username and password:
2. Find your profile by typing your name (in part or in full) in the search bar.
3. Click your name. Then, on your empty profile, click the edit/settings button (looks like a gear or flower), then click Edit Profile.
4. Fill in as much or little info as you please, and up to 9 images. Images must be minimum 300 pixels on shortest side, and max 800 kb file size. If you’re not sure, try one at a time, clicking the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page to check if it went through. Delete any image by clicking the little checkbox (visible only in editing window) so the check disappears. When you save the changes, that image will be gone.
*Keep in mind that the bio section only accepts up to 600 characters including spaces. This works out to approx 100 words. Don’t forget to SUBMIT CHANGES at the bottom before navigating away from the page!



3. What if I'm having trouble or lack skills or access to computers?

Give us a call at 519-836-3280 to set up an office visit where we can help you, or to discuss other options for making sure you don't miss out on your member directory listing.

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B. Put your Events on the Public Calendar

1. What type of things go on the calendar? Many arts-related things, including:

  • performances
  • exhibitions
  • talks
  • professional development and networking events
  • fun activities
  • educational opportunities, classes, camps, workshops etc.
  • arts group meetings
  • calls and deadlines
  • anything arts-related!

2. How to I upload my events?

Please note that at this time, the system does not support members self-uploading events. 

Instead, email all details including postal code of your event location to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you submitted your event to the Roundup edition of Arts Blast, one of our volunteers will put your event on the Events Calendar for you*. If you need to make changes or remove it, let us know 519-836-3280 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*It can take some time to get all events onto the calendar. If your event takes place close to the publishing date of the Roundup, be sure to send your details well in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting it be added to the calendar before the Roundup is published.

3. How can I make my event stand out?

See Extras

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C. Submit to the E-News

Our popular e-news "Arts Blast" reaches ~1600 local and area people, and has open and click-through rates well above industry average. People read it, so it's worth submitting to! Plus, it could save you time (see events calendar item above)

1. Member and Community Roundup or "The Roundup" is an exciting edition full of postings from our members including event notices, offers of services, awards annoucements, calls to artists etc. This edition is published on the second Thursday of the month. Must be a member to submit, although exceptions are made if the submitter is offering paid work or a valuable learning opportunity to artists. The deadline is the first Tuesday of the month.

2. Stories - Five stories' worth of your local arts news, at the end of each month. Got an idea for a story? Are you doing something you think would work as a Arts Blast story? Let us know! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Special Blasts - occasionally we publish special blasts, such as the Culture Days lineup in September, Summer Camps in winter/spring registration season, and a Holiday edition showing you the best places to shop and be entertained by our artistic community throughout the season.

Make sure you're signed up to receive the enews as well.

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D. Book a Consultation

- Meet and greet - show us your work, tell us your goals, let us get to know you. Why? Because people come to us looking for artists. We can't recommend you if we don't know you!
- Assistance or training on using your calendar access or profile page, for those who consider themselves less technically-inclined
- Have specific questions, need advice or directions to resources? We're here to help. Ask us anything. If we don't know the answer, we might know someone who does.

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E. Social Media Boost

Twitter: Tag us in your art-related Twitter posts @guelpharts so we can share them with our network.

Facebook: "Like" our page on Facebook, and tag @Guelph Arts Council in your art-related posts so we can share (if your account offers permission to share). Post directly to our page to make it easy for us to share with our followers.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow us to tag you as an individual, even if you've liked our page. However, if you have a Page (aka Fan Page) for yourself as an artist or organization, and you like our Page as your Page (I know, it sounds complicated) then it will be possible for us to tag you when appropriate.

Instagram: We're new to this, but we're trying! Please follow us so we can follow you back. Tag us @guelpharts

Youtube: Do you share arts-related videos on YouTube or have a channel? Let us know, and we'll check out your videos, maybe even add them to a public playlist or share them on other social platforms. We're new to this too, but here's our channel with a few videos:

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F. Apply for an Award or Bursary

We have three monetary awards/bursaries available to locals who are practicing artists or offer artistic programming/services.

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G. Get Featured on the Home Page

Got a show or event coming up? Just want a bit of an exposure boost? Just ask! We can rotate you through, or set aside some time in advance. email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange your featured time.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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H. Reduced Fees to exhibit at Art on the Street

Art on the Street is Guelph's largest outdoor juried exhibition. Co-presented with the Downtown Guelph Business Association, this highly regarded exhibition and sale has become a staple calendar event in which established and emerging artists present their work directly to the public. Spotlighting multi-disciplinary talent within the local arts community, the event has grown in both calibre of artist and scale of event since its inception in 2003.

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I. Reduced Fee or Free Workshops and Networking Opportunities

Keep an eye on your emails, the GAC News section of the Roundup to see invitations to these opportunities. Make sure your membership is up to date or you may miss out!

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Renewing Your Membership

You can wait for the renewal reminder/invoice) to come 3-8 weeks in advance of your expiry date, or renew for another year any time online or by giving us a call. Don't worry, renewing early will add a year's membership starting from your expiry date, so there's no disadvantage to being ahead of the game. To renew early online, log in, click "My Membership" at the top left, and use the "My Subscriptions" tab to renew. If your expiry date is more than 2 months passed, the system will not allow you to log in, so you will not be able to renew directly online. You have two options at this point - contact us by phone or email so we can reinstate your web privileges long enough for you to renew online, or we can take payment over the phone by credit card and get you back up and running right away. We also take cash and cheque in the office, or you can request a PayPal link. The only payment type we aren't able to process is debit. 

 Thank you for your support, and for the creative work you do that strengthens and enriches our community!





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