Patti Broughton, Executive Director 

Patti is a cultural manager born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario. She holds an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo, with a specialization in Arts Administration, a post-graduate certificate in Public Relations from Niagara College, and an MBA from Laurier. In her career, Patti has held positions with Centre for the Arts – Brock University, Shaw Festival, St. Catharines & Area Arts Council, and the Colony of Avalon Foundation in Ferryland, Newfoundland. Patti is passionate about arts and culture and supporting Guelph’s vibrant arts community.  

[email protected]

Preetam Sengupta, Co-Manager of Programs and Operations

Preetam Sengupta is a storytelling singer-songwriter from Sarnia, but has called Guelph home for over ten years. His 2017 album “Patience” earned him a Folk Music Ontario Award that included a certificate which he gave to his parents. Often compared to Paul Simon, Preetam’s live show is built around simple performance, playful stage banter, very little pyro, and a genuine desire to connect with his audience.

For memberships and payments contact Preetam at [email protected]

Paige Bromby, Co-Manager of Programs and Operations 

Paige Bromby is a Guelph-based artist, cultural manager, and community activator. An involved member of the Guelph arts community, she brings to GAC a passion for community building and a drive to amplify the voices of the artists/creatives around her. Paige holds a B.A. in Studio Art from the University of Guelph. She is a lover of books, an avid gardener, and someone who always has a few projects on the go. Through all her work, Paige is dedicated to supporting inclusive and accessible creative environments.

For programs and communications contact Paige at [email protected]

James Florio, Communications & Events Assistant

James Florio is an arts curator, administrator, music producer, recording/mix engineer, and location sound recordist based out of Guelph, Ontario. James co-founded Arts Collective & Festival Bumaroo, and operates James Florio Audio Engineering (JFAE). James’ talents and experience have grown to help bolster the arts community through professional and grassroots programming in Guelph. James strongly believes in the importance of arts accessibility, and the fostering of a strong arts community, which he is excited to bring to GAC.

[email protected]

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