Gurdwara – Guelph Sikh Society, 410 Clair Rd E.

Guelph Gurdwara at its current location (70 Stevenson St South,  Guelph, ON)  has officially served the sangat of Guelph and surrounding areas since 1995.  Before that,  the small number of families,  used to rent a school once a month and have kirtan service by taking the Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji  from home and langar made at home.

The Sikh Community of Guelph has grown to about 500 families in 2020. This is the only gurdwara serving with Guru’s grace, the City of Guelph, and the County of Wellington including areas like Puslinch, Aberfoyle, Fergus, Erin, Eramosa, Listowel, Rockwood and Morriston.

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A Gurdwara in the Making –  Brief Journey

2009 –  Land purchased at 410 Clair Rd East, Guelph
2014 –  Construction permit issued by City of Guelph
2015 –  Ground Breaking Ceremony to start the construction
2021 –  Move to 410 Clair Rd. E. site  from 70 Stevenson St. S.

Glossary of Terms:

Sri Guru Granth Sahib (‘Living Guru’) – Sacred Scripture of Sikhism

Gurdwara – Doorway to the ‘Guru‘ 

Diwan – Prayer hall where the Sri Guru Granth Sahib is being recited

Sach Khand – Room where Sri Guru Granth Sahib is placed overnight when not in diwan 

Langar – Free community kitchen

Nishan Sahib – Flag with Khanda (Sikhism symbol) acknowledging that this is a gurdwara site

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