Composition – Let’s Break The Rules!  Mon. Feb 26, 2024 – Online class

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February 26 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Composition – Let’s Break The Rules!
Online class, live via Zoom
Monday, Feb. 26. 6:30 to 9:00 pm EDT

Ages 16+

Rating: Beginner to advanced.

Instructor:  Sylvia Galbraith

Composition…  a concept that often seems to include rigid rules and standard ways of arranging the elements in your photograph.  Are your photographs ordinary rather than exceptional?  Does your work look like everyone else’s? How is it that any two people might interpret a scene in a completely different ways, and is one more “correct” than the other? How do we evaluate our own photographs to determine if they are successful beyond our own sentimental opinion?

So many questions, but this workshop will help you find the answers! We’ll look at unusual ways to compose your scene, considering object placement, edges/borders and framing, creating depth, and more.  By examining the work of renowned photographers, we’ll determine why their images stand out.  Taught live via Zoom, we’ll also play with some practical exercises during the class to get the creative mind working, and students will have access to the class recording for one month.

Fee: $95.00 + HST

 Register Online or call 519-787-7040 to register by phone.

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