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October 8, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


The Rainbow Visions workshop is open to racialized and disabled individuals of the Rainbow spectrum and 2S and/or LGBTQQIA+ community members.

Stories are an inherent part of our life and participants will be invited to share their stories and visions of what a Queer-friendly future looks like.

Artivist-at-Large Maude Stephany, and their partner in-crime, Katrina Stephany, will lead up to 20 participants in improv, storytelling and crafting practices which culminate in a community art piece that will be exhibited at the Guelph Civic Museum. Dress in comfortable, ‘messy play’ clothes.

This event is free, and advanced-registration is required to attend. Register through Eventbrite.

Culture Days happens annually from September 23 to October 16

Where art meets heritage meets a passion for the natural environment, That’s So Guelph! Our creative community embodies values that define Guelph – curiosity, compassion, innovation, collaboration, diversity, environmentalism, and activism. Their work entertains and challenges, beautifies and reveals, charms and inspires, remembers and aspires – and will be on full display daily during Culture Days, all around Guelph, in heritage buildings and contemporary concert halls, in galleries and online, in parks, on trails, and by the river. Come discover what makes us uniquely “so Guelph.”

Visit That’s So Guelph! Culture Days Hub for local event listings.

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