2022 Summer Exhibits at 10C Shared Space

By Zandra Juarez

“We use 10C Shared Space because their gallery is street facing and it is a collaboration that is part of our lease with the building. We program the space 4 months of the year. It is an accessible space for artists to showcase their work.” -Paige Bromby (GAC co-manager).

Guelph Arts Council is pleased to announce its 2022 Summer Exhibits:

10C Shared Space is home to the Guelph Arts Council. This year GAC has invited a series of artists to exhibit their work in the intimate space gallery that lives in 42 Carden Street in Guelph. Street level view and open to the public, the first lineup of artists to temporarily inhabit this cozy spot this summer are:

Paige Quinn

Maria Melito

Madeleine Lychek

Artwork by Paige Quinn

Paige Quinn’s artwork exudes her background in Ecology and her life experience planting trees back in her natal BC. Stretched in the Sun is a reflection on personal connection to the Earth” says Paige. Figuration, Abstraction, Spirituality, and Transformation are key concepts intrinsic to her creative process.

Paige Quinn’s exhibit Stretched in the Sun will be at 10C Shared Space July 18th-28th.

Artwork by Maria Melito

Even though Maria Melito has a wide range of successful technology-based Creative Arts projects, she describes herself as personally committed to raising awareness upon the disproportionate abusive treatment of Nature, its animals and resources. Thus, her most personal artwork showcases the disruption of endangered species habitats by the hand of human greed. “Through painting and drawing, [I] aim to give a voice to the voiceless and shed light on the devastating reality for animals on this planet.”

Maria Melito will have her animal rights artwork series, Glass Walls: An Animal’s Experience, at 10C Shared Space August 1st-15th.

Artwork by Madeleine Lychek

Did it ever occur to you that AI could be considered and transformed into art?

Concerned with visibility bias and excessive consumption, Madeleine Lychek defies what the world has been indoctrinated to recognize at the root of AI, such as its default sense of whiteness. These Fucking Machines by Madeleine Lychek will be at 10C August 16th-30th.

Artists interested in exhibiting their work at 10C Shared Space are invited to contact Damian Weston at [email protected]

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