by Hilary Dunn (new member to the GAC communications committee, aspiring yogi, and big fan of cupcakes – for breakfast, lunch…anytime really)

Social media is the new way to advertise, and it can be a great tool to profile and promote your work. Whether you have a show coming up, a big event, or just have some great new pieces to share – social media can help you connect with new audiences and keep your die-hard fans happy. Here are some tips to get you started or amp up your profile, regardless of what platform you’re using.

1. Pictures are great, but videos are better.

If you’re going to take the time to set up a Facebook or Instagram account, be sure to gather some great content. You’re an artist, so pictures of your work are a must, but short videos capturing the creative process can be just as captivating. They don’t need to be long – short clips can mesmerize.

2. It’s called social for a reason.

Social media is popular because it’s, well, social. People will be drawn to your images and content because you are a talented artist, but they also want to get to know YOU. Include an interesting fact about yourself in your bio or profile description. Share what you’re doing in and out of the studio.

3. Use it or lose it.

There’s nothing worse than starting an account and not using it. So if you’re going to take the plunge and get on social media, be present. Post regularly. There are many social media tools out there that can help with scheduling posts in advance, but you want to make sure you’re checking in often and responding to your followers. Thank them for sharing, and like their comments. Don’t let days, or worse weeks, go by without a post.

If that sounds like a lot to manage, remember that you can pick just one platform to focus on, and choose to branch out later. There are tools with free and paid versions that allow you to compose and schedule posts ahead of time, which can then be sent out to multiple platforms at once. 

4. Share the love.

Use social media to connect with other artists. Like their posts, share their content, or drop them a comment when you see something you like. The feeling will be mutual and while you help extend their network and reach, they will accelerate yours.

5. Hashtags can #help.

Hashtags can help others find you. Do some exploring – what hashtags are other artists using with their work? If you’re at an event, find the tag and get in on the fun. Or see what content you can leverage with a trending hashtag. April 25 is #DenimDay – get creative or just post yourself deep in the creative process wearing your blue jeans.

Need an example? Check out a few of our members making great use of social media:; ;;

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