Hello new friends!
I am elated to be joining the Guelph Arts Council team this summer as their Communications and Events Assistant.  I’ve only been here for a week and already feel welcomed and at home here.  I have lived in Guelph my whole life, and have had the pleasure of experiencing and appreciating the vibrancy of this city’s artistic organizations.
I am studying Sculpture and Installation at OCAD University, and am also completing a minor in their Textiles program.  I apply my technical textile skills (stitching, papermaking, crochet, weaving) to the creation of installation-based works evoking on softness, comfort, and fragility.  This fall, I will begin my fourth-year thesis project where I will explore these skills and themes further.
The other half of my artistic life is full of music.  My sister, Liv Cazzola, and I form the core of a six-piece folk group called The Lifers, where I am a songwriter, singer, and acoustic guitar player.  Along with my musical contribution to the band, I put my visual arts skills to work through creating all of The Lifers’ posters, album artwork, and merchandise.  Before I began working with the GAC, The Lifers went on an east coast tour and started work on our second full-length album which will be released next spring.  You can explore more of The Lifers’ music and projects on our website, or see us perform at this Friday’s Noon Hour Concert downtown!
I am so thankful for the opportunities that Guelph’s arts community has given me as a young musician and artist, and am excited to now hold a role where I can do some good in supporting this wonderful community in return.  
I look forward to meeting you in the coming weeks!
Anita Cazzola

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