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The World Health Organization recently released a comprehensive report stating “engaging with the arts can be beneficial for both mental and physical health” of communities and individuals. This report came from analysing evidence from over 900 global publications and 3,000 studies. The studies suggest art can serve to promote and manage health and wellbeing, as well as prevent and tackle conditions such as anxiety, depression and social isolation.

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“Bringing art into people’s lives through activities including dancing, singing, and going to museums and concerts offers an added dimension to how we can improve physical and mental health,” says Dr Piroska Östlin, WHO Regional Director for Europe.

At Guelph Arts Council, we know the arts transform lives and communities. The arts lead to enhanced mental and physical wellness, confidence and skill building for youth, a stronger sense of belonging, and reduced isolation. The work of Guelph Arts Council connects people and makes our community more than just a place, but a home and a destination.

The connection with art and wellbeing also resonates with creative members of the Guelph community including Shera Mekhail, founder of Creation Station and past recipient of GAC’s Youth Opportunities Award. She shares that for her “Art is another tool to get to total wellness. The more people feel well, the better the community will function as a whole… Art keeps us sane in a world of chaos. It calms people. It allows you to sort through your emotions and thoughts. Art is a tool for learning anything.”

Guelph Arts Council’s needs are now greater than ever. We are serving more people and supporting more projects than ever before – and with current provincial budget cuts and policy changes to the arts affecting arts organizations across the board, your support is so important.

Did you know that Guelph Arts Council’s budget is primarily supported through grants,  fundraising events and donations?

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The arts matter. That’s why we are asking you to make a donation today to help grow the impact of Guelph Arts Council in changing lives. Every gift makes a difference, and will be put to work right away! Thanks to donors like you, the arts are improving lives in Guelph every day.

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