Celebrating 30 Years of Guelph Studio Tour on guelpharts.ca


By Katie Wilde

This year, the Guelph Studio Tour celebrates 30 successful years. Since 1985, Guelph artists have breathed life and warmth into one crisp autumn weekend each year, by opening their studio doors to the public. Each year, new artists are juried into the Studio Tour group, alongside artists who are long-time members and have become staples of the tour. In 2014, forty diverse and talented artists opened their studio doors.

If you’ve never been on the Guelph Studio Tour, let Chelsey Rae Hooker, a volunteer with Guelph Arts Council, tell you what it’s like:

“To see a piece of artwork hanging in a gallery is lovely. You can appreciate the techniques applied, the subtle nuances, the medium used, and contemplate which pieces speak to you in some profound and personal way. To see artwork within an artist’s studio however, you learn so much more about the person who created it. The entire setting is essentially a reflection of their personality and their process as an artist that has taken years to develop. To anyone who has never taken part in the Guelph Studio Tours, I urge you to come out and meet these wonderful individuals in person. I can honestly say that the artists I met throughout the day were kind, welcoming, and genuine people and we should all devote a little more time to supporting them, even if that just means coming out and shaking their hand at an event. To all the artists who opened their doors to the public, I simply would like to say thank you.”

Many members of the Studio Tour are also members of Guelph Arts Council. We will be celebrating our mutual cultural treasures this year, by featuring Studio Tour members on the front page of guelpharts.ca. We encourage you to visit regularly to discover new artists throughout the year. Click on the mini profile to see more works by the artist, and discover who they are. Then, in the fall, go on the Studio Tour and wish them a Happy 30th Birthday!

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