City of Guelph Seeks Public Art Advisors


Are you a resident of Guelph with significant experience in Arts and Culture? The City of Guelph is reaching out to find members for its Public Art Advisory Committee. The committee’s role in Guelph is to steward and promote public art policy and enliven our public spaces. Over the coming year, these seven key people will “provide strategic input and advice to Council and Staff on matters pertaining to public art in the City of Guelph”.

They are looking for a cross section of skills and professional experience ranging from urban planning and architecture, to the performing, visual and literary arts, curation, heritage, education and more. For a full list of sought-after skills, see the Public Art Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.

As the committee meets throughout the year, they will play a crucial role in bringing inspiring and engaging artwork to our city, and building the identity of Guelph as a strong cultural centre.

Do you have what it takes?

Fill out the application and submit by October 9. Help make Guelph one of Canada’s great creative cities!

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