DIYode’s New Digs Could Be Your New Workspace

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by Katie Wilde
all images courtesy of DIYode

DIYode is a Guelph-based collective dedicated to re-invigorating the DIY movement in our city. The organization recently made a big move, as they shifted their community makerspace from their long-time location on Wyndham St S, to a new space at 183 Dufferin Street. They currently have creative ‘office’ spaces available for rent in the new building.

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Former location on Wyndham St South (left), new location at 183 Dufferin St (right).

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Moving day for machinery.

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DIYode has done some amazing renovations as they prepare new classroom and community fabrication spaces.

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New metal shop (left). Looking into the new classroom area from the main floor common fabrication room (right)

The new building also has several individual rooms available for rent to creative professionals. 

A room with its own outside door is available for $500 per month:

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Three others are available for $450 per month:

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20180824 181701
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The open area in the lobby can be made into a room, but DIYode will need access to the services in it.  It is available for $375 per month:

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All rentals include heat, hydro and internet. All prices are before HST. Interested parties should contact [email protected] or (226) 706-4149.

We asked Eva Bodahelyi, president of DIYode, about the reasons for the move, and what they’re most excited about. 

“We are moving because the 71 Wyndham location will become condominiums.

The new space has larger, more distinct  zones for 4 separate use types.  We have a carpeted classroom, a wood shop, a laser cutter / CNC area, and a metal shop.

There are wood floors that we sanded and urethaned, and walls that have been painted white. There is lots of natural lighting, especially in the wood shop. The effect is stunning.  

We are also upgrading air filtration and soundproofing to make working more enjoyable. 

Our new setting is by two trails so the neighborhood can easily walk to the workshop, and is also a block from the main line of the city bus system.

We have Open House every Monday  night starting at about 8 p.m. where people can get a tour of the shop, chat about projects, or discuss ideas with the wide knowledge base of our members. Monthly memberships are available.”

To get involved with DIYode as a maker, build your skills, and access the kind of tools and equipment you won’t have at home, follow them on Twitter, or browse their website and member information.

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