By Justine Kraemer, GAC Volunteer Writer

Callie Gray is among the most recent artists to have work featured at the Elora Centre for the Arts. In an artist’s statement, Gray says it is “an exhibition about things falling together in ways you may not anticipate, but turn out better than expected”. 

Right off the bat, Gray’s use of colour throughout the exhibition is breathtaking. The melodic flow of each work is a tribute to Gray’s talent as an artist. According to the exhibition description, Gray has taken much inspiration from her work from the scenic Elora Gorge near to where she currently resides. The medium featured through this exhibition is acrylic on canvas. Gray’s observations from her surroundings are so masterfully transferred to her art featured throughout this exhibit. 

Although each piece is open to interpretation, some pieces feature a more realistic look, for example ‘Curtain Call’ and ‘Manifesting Flowers’ featuring clear scenes of inspiration from nature. Most of the exhibition pieces however feature more abstract displays, focusing instead on the flow of colours themselves, and how they are interwoven. Pulling on inspiration from emotional and spiritual observations, the pieces all have a distinctly ethereal character open to the viewer’s interpretation.

Gray’s piece ‘Tickled Pink’ is a gorgeous tribute to an oft-ridiculed colour because of its association with femininity. The various shades she incorporates show the true range of this colour. It was a showcase for the scope of this incredibly rich colour. It challenges the viewer to reconsider their notions of a colour that is beloved by so many and yet reviled in a patriarchal society. The viewer gets to see the colour’s spectrum in this piece and the use of complementary colours only enhance the viewers appreciation. It’s a delightful journey contained in a single work.

‘Everything in its Place’ features such a wide berth of colours incorporated into each piece. From the darker colours seen in “Twilight” and ‘Blue Lilies’ to the brighter, more playful tones of pieces like ‘Playtime Shuffle’ and ‘For the Love of Mom’ were vibrant in their own way. The meditations on the colours themselves as representation of the world around us and the spiritual and emotional journey of the artist. ‘Entangled’ features a chaotic mixture of colours combined to evoke a feeling of disarray that is all too familiar. 

Gray practices her art in other media than what is featured in this particular exhibition. Her other media include collages, panels on resin, and photography. ‘Everything In Its Place’ is Gray’s first exhibition at the Elora Centre for the Arts. Some of her art is available at the satellite exhibition currently housed at the Elora Gorge, a local centre for artistic inspiration if there ever was one. Her work is also available for purchase through the Elora Centre for the Arts. 

The online virtual gallery of ‘Everything in its Right Place’ is available now through the Elora Centre for the Arts website during the in-person exhibition and will be available after the exhibition has concluded. ‘Everything its Right Place’ was originally set to conclude at the end of December, however is set to be extended at least until January 09 2022 due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Callie Gray’s ‘Everything in its Right Place’ is absolutely worth the visit. The COVID 19 pandemic has made us all re-evaluate priorities and has put the plight of local artists into the spotlight. Supporting local artists is more important than ever, and the Elora Centre of the Arts is a terrific venue to explore these artists, including Gray. If you love colour and become lost in an almost spiritual dimension her art calls to mind, this is absolutely the exhibition for you. 
‘Everything in its Right Place’ is available to view at the Elora Centre for the Arts

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