GAC Artist Member Korey Steckle Talks about Being a Father and an Artist Amidst the Pandemic

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By Korey Steckle

Making the decision to relocate my life and studio from the Junction in Guelph, Ontario to Glace Bay, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia has given me the gift of awareness that life itself is impermanent like everything else. Accepting this is a daily conscious task. As well as realizing that the things that we cannot control have not changed.  It is my son who is now eleven and lives in Nova Scotia who drives and motivates. So I now feel I’m where I need to be near him and where he is being raised by his mother Kim during these uncertain times. During my regular March break visit the three of us decided that it would be best if I stayed nearby. 

Image courtesy of the artist Korey Steckle.

Originally, I had intended on visiting Nova Scotia and then returning to Guelph to prepare for my upcoming two year line up of scheduled exhibitions both locally and internationally, including the debut of my work on European soil in Athens, Greece this month.

The art world has gone dark for the most part. In this darkness the ones who continue on such as myself I feel shine even brighter now. Especially in times of strife and unrest, artists are needed to bear witness through these challenging days and nights ahead. 

My slight disappointment in not being able to show my work internationally has been tempered greatly by looking into my son’s eyes. He is the source for all of my motivation in my chosen field. We share a deep interest in geopolitical affairs and history. These shared discussions fuel my creative time as well. We also have been creating short videos for his YouTube channel for the past 3 years. Quinlan is a natural director indeed!

My life has certainly changed on the professional side as well. I now have an agent who is exploring with producers that I respect my life and work with, in hopes of developing a documentary.  Plus there is a manager and public relations firm involved in taking my story and art to publication in national newspapers later this year. I never envisioned all of this happening in 2015 when I began painting acrylic landscapes for commission in small studio space in a second bedroom. I’m grateful that my true loves, that is photography, painting, and collage has guided and brought me to the current situation I find myself today.  I am thriving near the ocean with my son. Despite the uncertainty I am able to create and develop my ideas and vision. My struggles involving drugs and alcohol have given me a sense of awareness and inner strength that I am able to grow, tap into, and share with others. I’m a survivor. I want to reflect a healthy example to my son. This is what is important to me today not galleries or commerce. However if interested in owning my artwork you may contact my manager directly or speak with the Art Gallery of Guelph or Barber Glass Gallery to set up an appointment. There is much in the works for future projects including my work on jewellery, t – shirts and skateboards. 

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  Collage works by GAC artist member Korey Steckle. Image courtesy of the artist

My Guelph exhibit schedule includes restaurants I truly love such as Miijidaa Café + Bistro, Sugo on Surrey and Capistrano. Abstract and landscape photography, documentaries and books on Bob Dylan, John Coltrane and Miles Davis, The Beastie Boys, Morrisey as well as DJ music mixes such as: Chris Coco’s Melodica, NTS, Floating Points, Cafe Del Mar 24/7, selected Essential Mix and my own Spotify mix: DJ Koup have helped me cope and expand my own visions. 

You can connect with Korey Steckle online:

Instagram: @skoreystecklestudio          

Facebook: s. korey steckle
Pinterest: s. korey steckle 

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