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Photo by Kristine Kleist

Guelph Arts Council is thrilled to welcome our new Communications and Event Assistant for summer 2018, Emily Hearn.

Emily is a Métis woman from the Manitoba prairies who came to Ontario with her mother and older sister as a child. The stark contrast of the provinces’ landscapes sparked a deep love for the world among the trees and animals. Depictions of this natural world make repeated appearances in her stories and poems.

Emily has written poetry for much of her life to explore her self-identity and place in the world. She frequently uses natural themes to discuss psychological and sociological issues that arise throughout her life – and the lives of others – such as discrimination, mental health, sense of identity, and self-worth. Emily strongly believes in the value of every living being as an integral part of Earth, and hopes to share that belief with others through writing and storytelling.

She hopes to soon return to learning other art forms such as beadwork to help promote Métis culture and solidify her roots.

Emily is looking forward to becoming immersed in Guelph’s creative community, hearing the stories of other artists with different experiences, and learning about how to effectively tell her own story through art.

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