Guelph arts supporters, we heard you. When you said “General Membership is only $5?! Don’t you want or need more?” the answer was “Yes it is, and yes we do.”

Our $5 membership was intended to make membership wide open to anyone. But since this membership level was introduced a few years ago, most of our General Members have opted  to give $20 or more and receive a tax receipt. For that reason we’ve decided to update the membership level and name to reflect the support our members want to give.

Money should never be a barrier to get involved and support the arts though, and we still invite anyone interested in supporting in any way to come talk to us. We have lots of volunteer opportunities, and are always excited to speak with anyone who wants to connect with the arts!

The Arts Supporter membership replaces the General Membership. This level is still open to any individual who is interested in the arts in Guelph. We will keep you informed about what’s happening with the arts and artists in our community. You’ll receive our regular e-newsletters and invitations to special events. Plus, you will receive a tax receipt for $20 (or more if you choose to give beyond $20.)

Thank you, Arts Supporters. We couldn’t do it without you.

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