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By Mike Baker

This year why not consider becoming a member of the Guelph Arts Council? Join GAC and connect with Guelph’s creative community.  Memberships are available for as low as $20.00 annually. Enjoy great value at three different levels.

Are you an individual artist involved in music, theatre, dance, literary visual or any other art form?
Enjoy the benefits of being an ‘Artist Member’ !

    *Publish your news, events, workshops, exhibitions, and calls in our monthly e-news
    *Receive discounts on our conferences, workshops, seminars, and other programs
    *Create an Artist Member profile page on our GAC website with a link to your own website
    *Be eligible to enter submissions to Guelph Arts Council sponsored exhibitions

“I feel fortunate to be a GAC member. As an artist we often work in isolation. Being part of the larger art community through my membership helps inspire me, and strengthens the Guelph arts scene in all its forms.” – GAC Artist Member Barbara Salsberg Mathews

*Only $30.00 annually

Are you an arts organization/business/creative enterprise, educational institution, or not-for-profit? 
An ‘Organizational Membership’ is for you.

In addition to the benefits of an artist membership, you’ll also be able to:

    *Access 10% discount for your members on Guelph Arts Council artist memberships
    *Publish your news, events and calls in our monthly enews
    *Receive discounts on our conferences, workshops, seminars and other programs
    *Create one Organizational Member profile page on our GAC website with a link to  your own website

*Only $50.00 annually

Finally become an ‘Arts Supporter’ member

Show you care about the arts, become an Arts Supporter member

This level is open to any individual who is interested in the arts in Guelph.

   *We will keep you informed about what’s happening with the arts and artists in our community.
   *You’ll receive our regular e-newsletters and invitations to special events. Plus, you will receive a $20 tax receipt (or more).

By becoming an Arts Supporter member, you are helping to strengthen the foundation of arts and culture in Guelph. You are the pillars to cultural sustainability and essential to actualizing GAC’s mission! Help us to demonstrate how many people believe arts matter in Guelph by being an Arts Supporter member.

*Only $20.00 annually (or more)

The Holidays will soon be here. Pay it forward, gift the artist(s) in your life (including yourself) with a membership to the Guelph Arts Council.

Guelph Arts Council -We’ve championed the arts in Guelph since 1975

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