Guelph Studio Tour Introduces Six New Members

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by The Guelph Studio Tour
Images courtesy of the artists

The Guelph Studio Tour is an annual art tour and sale that takes place the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year the Tour will take place on Saturday, October 13th, from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday, October 14th, from 11 am to 5 pm.

Visit us online at to find out more about the 40 artists on the Tour.

We are pleased to introduce six new members this year: Oxanna Adams, Jessie Buchanan, Gina Duque, Dennis Gaumond, Eve Geisler and Juliet Promnitz.


Oxanna Adams

Oil & Cold Wax

Oxanna paints in an abstract style. She is inspired by nature and drawn to strong landscapes. Her artwork tells a story of both the painting process and the subject, encouraging the observer to venture deeper into her work

Oxanna will be showing at 22 Maple St.




Jessie Buchanan

Oil / Acrylic on Canvas

Jessie works in a semi-abstract, landscape style using oil / acrylic on canvas. Part of the aim of her work is to celebrate her indigenous roots through engaging Anishinaabe spiritual beliefs, traditions and art. Her goal is to convey what she considers to be transcendent aspects of “ordinary” experiences through colour and form in order to inspire others.

Jessie will be showing at Gritt Gallery, 121 Wyndham St., Suite 203




Gina Duque 

Mixed Media

With her work Gina strives to manifest a sense of ethereality and mystery while being grounded in the familiar and scientific. A fascination with the purposeful design of the natural world through the use of micro- and macroscopic perspectives, organic forms, textures and patterns is reflected in her work.

Gina will be showing at 158 Fife Rd., Unit 7




Dennis Gaumond 

Acrylic Paint & Tissue on Canvas

Dennis has been painting for about thirty years. He is also a musician, author and songwriter. His latest series uses painted tissue on canvas to create non-representational, abstract works that emphasize color relationships and texture. It is important for Dennis to maintain a joyful, intuitive, heart-centered painting process.

Dennis will be showing at 8 Chelsea Court





Eve Geisler 

Felted Toys & Ornaments

Eve creates toys made from re-purposed wool, based on Earth’s delightful creatures.  These small works of art are individually handmade to promote imaginative play and cheerful companionship. 

Eve will be showing at 244 Liverpool St.



Juliet Promnitz 

Stoneware Ceramics

Juliet Promnitz is a ceramic artist working in stoneware and specializing in hand-built vessels. Her work demonstrates a love of decoration and the graphic quality of the surface treatment has become her signature. She hopes the user can feel the joy she had in the making of the pots.

Juliet will be showing at 123 Woolwich St., 3rd  Floor

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