HATCH art-spaces pop up around downtown Guelph

If you are as passionate about the HATCH project as we are, please consider volunteering with us to support the next round of artists. Tasks could include prepping the sites, helping to build components of the installation or lending a helping hand on install day. Having experience with and owning a set of tools or having a vehicle that you would be willing to lend to the cause would be a huge asset but the only requirement is a free pair of hands. Please help us in creating alternative art spaces in Guelph and support your local artists and community.

Guelph, ON – August 17, 2015 –

With the first round of HATCH [pop-up art-space] projects now installed, visitors to downtown Guelph can expect the unexpected. Projects in Round One of HATCH have brought new life to transitioning commercial spaces at St. George’s Square, in the former Guelph Jewellers and Sarah Jewellery stores, and at the Market Commons building on Gordon St. 

Artists have delighted in transforming these vacant and under-used spaces while engaging with the city and community in a new way. 

Artist Steph Yates had a wonderful time installing her works to create the Museum of Subliminal Objects: “After the brown paper had been peeled back to reveal the Museum pieces, I spent time over several days tinkering with the installation behind the enclosed display cases, where I was hidden from street view. I was delighted to discover that I could overhear the reactions of the people who stopped to look in. Exclamations of bewilderment, amusement, confusion, and curiosity are what I heard most. And I think because of the Museum’s sign, which closely mimics the pre-existing Guelph Jewellers’ sign—even in adopting its slogan, “Serving Guelph Since 1980″—some people began to second-guess their perceptive faculties and wonder aloud whether the Museum had always been there and they’d just never noticed it before.”

More information about HATCH [pop-up art-space] projects by Korey Steckle, Robin Lynch, Greg Denton and Steph Yates can be found on the Guelph Arts Council website: www.guelpharts.ca/hatch-pop-up-art-space

HATCH [pop-up art-space] is a Guelph Arts Council project, presented in partnership with City of Guelph, Downtown Renewal and Downtown Guelph Business Association, that provides temporary space to artists for creative exploration, community engagement, and exposure while contributing to the shifting landscape of downtown Guelph.

Round One HATCH projects will run for the month of August, 2015 and artists can look forward to two more rounds of HATCH in 2015, with a Call for Proposals for Round Two circulating in September.

For more information contact:
Melissa Gobeil
Project Coordinator
Guelph Arts Council
[email protected]
519-836-3280 (office)

HATCH [pop-up art-space] is supported by Guelph Community Foundation – Musagetes Fund, The Elevator Project, City of Guelph, 10 Carden, Ed Video Media Arts and Hunch Manifest.

Guelph Arts Council is funded in part by Ontario Arts Council, Guelph Community Foundation and City of Guelph.

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