HATCH [pop-up art-space] Round One Artists Selected

Guelph, ON – July 20, 2015 – Artists for the first round of Guelph Arts Council’s HATCH [pop-up art-space] project have been selected. The jury was impressed with the strong community response to the Call for Proposals and has curated a series of engaging works and installations that will be exhibited throughout downtown Guelph this August.

Selected artists for the first round of HATCH [pop-up art-space] include multidisciplinary artist Steph Yates, painter and digital artist Shayam Korey Steckle, and installation artist Robin Elizabeth Lynch.

Steph Yates will present the “Museum of Subliminal Objects” at 41 Wyndham St. N., where she will be showing familiar items that will be altered and transformed into the stuff of dreams.

At 43 Wyndham St. N., visual artist Shayam Korey Steckle will present a meditative series of digitally manipulated photographic works entitled “Connect the Disconnected”.

Robin Elizabeth Lynch will be installing a sound-responsive light installation at 107 Gordon St. that will open a window into the imagined activity of neuro-synapses.

Each project was selected for its creative use of each space and its parameters, as well as for its capacity to engage audiences and alter their experience of the streetscape.

In addition to these three projects, Guelph Arts Council is excited to partner with the City of Guelph Artist in Residence 2015, Greg Denton, to provide exhibition space for his large scale portrait project “Sitting in Remembrance”, which will be installed as it grows throughout the month of August.

These temporary art spaces have been generously donated by property owners who see the value in this mutually beneficial exchange. Through the program, each artist will be paid artist fees as well as stipends to cover installation and material costs.

Artists are encouraged to apply for Round 2 of HATCH [pop-up art-space] and can expect to see a Call for Proposals circulated in August or September. Given the nature of available and donated HATCH spaces, Calls for Proposals will be circulated the month before a property is available for use.

Guelph Arts Council is currently seeking additional properties for the second round of HATCH [pop-up art-space] which will provide free creative space to artists for the months of September/October. 

For more information contact:
Melissa Gobeil
HATCH Coordinator
[email protected]
519-836-3280 (office)

HATCH [pop-up art-space]is supported by The Elevator Project, Guelph Community Foundation – Musagetes Fund, 10 Carden, City of Guelph, and Hunch Manifest.

Guelph Arts Council is funded in part by Ontario Arts Council, Guelph Community Foundation & City of Guelph

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