‘In the Flow’ – New Paintings by Oxanna Adams and Dennis Gaumond

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By Oxanna Adams

Guelph Arts Council member Oxanna Adams and Dennis Gaumond met in the mid-90s while volunteering at the local chapter of the Council of Canadians. They like to think that their art is informed by the same sense of caring and compassion for the planet that brought them together at meetings and demonstrations.

Oxanna Adams in her studio. Photo credit: Oxanna Adams

These Guelph painters celebrate the creative process through abstract painting, and their newest body of work can be seen at Red Brick Café (8 Douglas Street, downtown Guelph) until September 14th.Oxanna is driven by the need to capture her experiences in the natural environment. Layers of paint – sometimes thinly applied or scraped away – reveal both the history of the process and a story of place. An accomplished musician, Dennis finds that abstract painting is akin to musical improvisation. He revels in colours, textures and forms that emerge from his partnership with chance and circumstance.

To learn more about these two, visit Oxanna Adams at https://oxannaadams.ca and Dennis Gaumond at https://www.dennisgaumondart.com.

Video created by Sarah Rutledge @sarahrutledgeart

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