by Cynthia Kinnunen

Imagine Guelph forty years ago. It’s a city without the River Run Centre, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph Youth Music Centre, Guelph Dance and many other arts organizations, festivals and events. Yet over the years Guelph has been transformed, through the arts, to become one of Canada’s great creative cities. At the heart of that transformation has been Guelph Arts Council, steadily supporting and promoting the cultural life of the city with the help of partners, members and donors like you.

Forty years ago, as one of Canada’s first community arts councils, Guelph Arts Council began to change the face of this city. Today, through our programs and services, we continue to enrich the lives of Guelph residents through the arts. Join me in supporting Guelph Arts Council – donate now to help lead the growth of Guelph’s creative community into the future.

In recent years we have built on our historic achievements by focusing on a strategic vision that includes communications, connecting, arts programming, and celebration of the arts. Through our new website,, Arts Blast e-newsletters, and social media channels, we promote the richness of Guelph’s cultural life. Through programs like Art on the Street, Doors Open Guelph and HATCH [pop-up art-space], we create opportunities for artists to develop their careers and for Guelph’s citizens to enrich their lives through culture. As we always have, we connect arts workers and volunteers with awards, professional development, consulting services, and other resources.

Donate today to help us continue to build a community enriched by art. We are truly grateful for the support we receive from our government partners, but that support represents less than 50% of the funds required to deliver our ongoing programs and services. The support of our members and donors is critical. Your investment of $25, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford plays a vital role in making Guelph a great creative city.

Please donate now at, phone us at 519-836-3280, or deliver or mail your donation to Guelph Arts Council at the address below.

Artfully yours,

Cynthia Kinnunen
Guelph Arts Council

P.S. Consider becoming a monthly donor, like me! It’s an easy way to make a really big difference. Spread your gift out over the year and help Guelph Arts Council plan more effectively. Contact Katie at [email protected] or 519-836-3280 to sign up, or choose ‘recurring’ when you donate online!

147 Wyndham St. N Suite 404
Guelph, ON N1H 4E9

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