March Workshops: Confidence for Creatives and ‘No BS’ Better Social Media for Artists

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Spring is coming. Let’s shake off the cobwebs and grow as creative people.

Tim Campbell, Relation Media Canada

Not all problems facing arts practioners are artistic. We need practical solutions for concrete things like marketing, and less concrete (though no less important) things like the confidence to push through in a challenging arts practice or career.

If social media gives you anxiety, or you just want to make the most of the time you spend on it, then you need “No BS” Better Social Media for Artists, with Tim Campbell of Relation Media.

Tim is “so extroverted he puts the social back in social media”. A certified social media and event marketer, he’s a generalist by profession and focuses on seeing the whole picture of any problem or opportunity. 

Tim challenges us all to see social media differently. He also brings some seriously practical tips to the table in our upcoming workshop ‘No BS’ Better Social Media for Artists on March 21. Registrations are now open on Eventbrite.

If you could use a confidence boost to help you break through on that project, sell your work, or start something new, then you need “Confidence for Creatives” with Tamsen Taylor.

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Tamsen is a writer, emotional educator, and Confidence & Creativity specialist with a degree in cognitive psychology from Western University.

She addresses some Myths about Confidence in our February issue of Arts Blast stories, and we look forward to her insight at our upcoming workshop “Confidence for Creatives” on March 28. Registrations are now open on Eventbrite.

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