Members’ Web Access Need-to-Know

How to Update Your Profile:

 Once you have signed up for a membership, the office will need to start a profile for you. Once you have received an email stating your profile is ready to update, you may follow the below steps. If at any time you are unsure or reach a roadblock, please don’t hesitate to contact our Office Manager, Katie Wilde at [email protected] or 519-836-3280 and she will help you out.

  • Go to and click LOGIN

  • Enter your username and password. Use the password reset functions or contact the office if you aren’t sure – we’re happy to help!
  • Once you are logged in, type your name in the search bar
  • Click your name in the search results
  • Click the edit ‘cog’ (looks like a flower or a gear) on the button next to your name
  • Click “edit profile”
  • Upload images (see tips below – IMPORTANT!)
  • Enter as much or as little contact information as you are comfortable sharing publicly. If you don’t wish to share your email address, people can still contact you by using the contact form on your profile. Their message will be emailed to you by our system, but the sender won’t know your email address.
  • Write a bit about yourself and your work in 600 characters or fewer including spaces (approx 100 words). Best to type in a word processor first where you can check your character count. Remember: spaces, letters, punctuation and numbers all count as characters.
  • Add your website and social media links


Image Size (important!)

The digital images that you upload must be a minimum of 300 pixels on the shortest side, and the file size must be no larger than 800 KB (kilobytes). This requirement is listed on your editing page, so you don’t have to memorize it.

To Delete an Image

When you’re in the editing area, click on the little checkmark which is embedded in the thumbnail, and the checkmark will disappear. When you submit your changes this photo will be gone from your 9-piece roster. To choose the order in which they appear, go into the editing window, and click and drag the thumbnails to rearrange the order.

Adding your Bio/Description

The bio/description section will only display the first 600 characters including spaces, even if you write more. We suggest drafting your description in Microsoft Word or a similar program to keep track of when you’ve reached 600 characters.

Be sure to include in your bio/description words which you think people will use, or you want people to use to find you during a raw Google search, such as ‘Guelph’, ‘jewellery’, ‘artist’, ‘local’, etc. These are words which would have been “tags” previously, and now Google just searches the text on your page. If you offer any services such as custom work, consulting, etc., or are open to collaborations and projects, be sure to list that as well.

Events Calendar

Don’t forget to upload your events to our calendar! Just log in, hover your pointer over “Events” and click “Submit an Event”. You must be logged in to access this feature. Be sure to include links and contact information in your event description so people can follow up and attend your event. If you need to change any of your event information just log in, hover over “Events” and click “Manage my Events”

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